ComplyWith is a SAAS tool to help big businesses manage their legal obligations.

They humanise the law by translating compliance laws into plain English, and delivering an intuitive software tool that allows users to track, follow up, and comply with regulations in their industry.

The challenge

The law’s complexity means too many New Zealand businesses are often flying blind with compliance. Many directors and boards aren’t aware of how exposed they are, especially as laws have become stricter after events like Pike River. Getting the right compliance processes in place can keep businesses out of trouble and allow them more time to focus on their work. The problem is most don’t speak legalise and lack the right tools—that’s where ComplyWith comes in.

When we met ComplyWith, they had just completed a robust brand strategy process and developed a new logo. The business was established but needed to build brand equity, and find a compelling way to engage customers and remain relevant. There was virtually no competition, so they needed to capitalise on this gap and secure market majority. Their value proposition was there—creating clarity out of compliance confusion—but communications channels weren’t expressing this and the tool’s UX and UI (as our client would say) ‘was stuck in the 90s’ and needed design thinking and modernisation to truly bring the brand promise to market.

True to the Salted Herring’s own brand promise, our brand touch points are now strongly distinctive - in ways that reflect our promise, which is to humanise the law so that everyone has clarity and is empowered to do things right.

— David Woodnorth, Founder & CEO

The approach

First we cleaned up and evolved the brand palette, developing a digital design language that could scale. We created a brand personality and tone of voice: bold, confident, warm, innovative, clever, and knowledgeable.

We then tackled the UX and UI design of the ComplyWith software, mapping the customer journey and redesigning a more elegant and user-friendly interface. We completely revamped the tool, from admin panels that staff use through to reports that synthesise stats into bite sized snippets for sharing with busy Board members. The basic principle throughout has been to simplify; users only see the one thing thats relevant at a time. Our process has been iterative and agile, with a designer working closely with the CEO/Product Owner and the third party developing the software.

Along the way, we've built out a solid suite a brand communications collateral; we built a unique and custom marketing website as the core place where we tell the story. We created most of the  content for this including a photography library (key to keeping everything feel warm and human), copy, icons, animation and infographics. We’ve also created a host of material to support this; email templates, stationery, event branding, and all kinds of other marketing materials. Throughout, it remains vital to portray ComplyWith as a critical and effective business tool, while also maintaining its human feel.

As the journey continues, we’re working to push the ComplyWith product further, including sub-brands to help launch additional products and services that will help grow the business to an existing user base.

...the new look of the ComplyWith application design and UX stood out head and shoulders above many of the offerings [at the SaaStr conference]

— David Woodnorth, Founder & CEO

The difference

We’ve helped ComplyWith completely redesign and improve their brand and user experience, using the design process to create clarity from complexity. Since we started our 2 year relationship, the complete refresh of their product and marketing materials has created a radical shift for our clients’ business. They went from feeling the risk of falling behind the ever-changing tidal wave of digital change, to owning a contemporary, professional brand experience that engages customers.

Feedback on the new ComplyWith design has been overwhelming positive. They’ve experienced renewed engagement with existing customers, and uptake in acquisitions. Regular users appreciate the ease with which they can now interact with the tool on daily tasks. At the recent SaaStr conference in San Francisco, David Woodnorth our client noted that 'the new look of the ComplyWith application design and UX stood out head and shoulders above many of the offerings there – ComplyWith makes some of these new apps look dated both in terms of the user experience and the interface design

They are now well positioned to up-sell to current clients with additional modules, as well as looking to expand the market both here and offshore.