We believe
good design makes
a difference

It can shift views, shape habits, change companies, and shake up our world.

For over 12 years, we’ve used intelligent and unique digital design to transform our clients' products, brands, and businesses.

We don’t do ‘me too’ or monotone, we create fresh and distinctive brand experiences that spark off the screen. Our work is thoughtful, thought-through and different—not different for the sake to it, but uniquely designed to cut-through.

We always think through the lens of how best to solve our clients’ problems, and tell an authentic story. We believe in the beauty of our craft, but also that when it comes to design, a clear purpose is what makes it truly pretty.

From the days of Web 1.0, to designing for the future of AI and voice, we’ve always been drawn to the space where brand thinking and innovative technology meet. Our sweet spot is helping New Zealand’s tech businesses accelerate ideas into reality, ultimately on a world stage.

There are 4 key ingredients that define who we are:

How we do
what we do

Design is more than an output of our work, it's a creative, problem-solving process that combines strategic, conceptual thinking with considered, well-crafted execution, no matter what channel or touchpoint. 

‘Creative’ and ‘Process’ sound like contradictory words, but method is what turns madness into magic and delivers successful work.

We follow a series of steps in our creative process, including checkpoints with you at each key stage. The scale or shape of the project may change, but usually the order, and definitely the logic behind our approach, stays the same.

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What is
salted herring

It's something you eat… If you’re Dutch. Or brave.

Our agency is named after an infamous Dutch delicacy. Not for the faint-hearted, Salted Herring is a mouth puckering raw fish cured in salt. When it comes to digital design, Pep, our Design Lead & Founder, believes that just like his favourite snack, the stronger the experience, the more likely you are to remember it.

You can call us Salted for short.